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Are you facing a misdemeanor DUI charge in Arizona? Perhaps even a felony DUI charge? Then you need an experienced, knowledgeable and assertive Phoenix DUI lawyer! Undoubtedly, you will need a reputable Attorney experienced in defending DUI cases. A conviction of DUI can present very serious outcomes, even in the case of a first time conviction. In regards to those who earn their living driving; such as chauffeurs, taxi drivers, bus drivers or truck drivers, just to mention a few, a conviction can be devastating to their livelihood. Locating a DUI lawyer with the knowledge of the Arizona DUI laws, and a demonstrated strategy in investigating the facts is without a doubt your best course of action. If you are facing DUI charges for the first time, repeat offense or even a felony DUI, waiting to determine your next move could be a serious mistake. Your defense is not left to chance but rather built on solid investigation methods by acquiring and examining all available evidence. Don't leave your defense to chance; contact a Phoenix DUI lawyer with the proven experience and assertive methods to build the best defense in representing you.

In regards to your defense, not just any Attorney will do for a credible defense, make sure you have a DUI lawyer that pursues the evidence and utilizes an assertive investigation technique will be able to mount the best defense, and the most favorable outcome. This can only be accomplished by assertively acquiring all the evidence in the case; any and all toxicology results, arresting officer’s statement, video evidence if available and any witness statements. Through a careful examination of the evidence the best strategic plan can be determined for an appropriate plan of action. Whether that plan of action is to develop a defense based on unsupported evidence, conflicting witness statements or some other factor can only be determined by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. In some cases, the plan of action may be determined to negotiate a reduced penalty. Whatever the plan of action that is determined, it can only begin with you making the initial contact for consultation.

In Consideration Of Arizona's numerous legislative definitions over the years of drunk driving laws; which now apply to an even larger distinct group of transgressions, having an experienced Phoenix DUI lawyer has become even more important. Perhaps an even more daunting fact is the increased penalties associated with a DUI conviction. Penalties which can be considered felonies and carry detrimental consequences for a person’s criminal record, in some cases, causing lifelong hardships to the individual as well as their family. An experienced DUI lawyer is well aware of these consequences and will strive to protect you from the most serious of charges and penalties. Additionally, the Attorney will endeavor, if at all possible, to minimize the impact to your criminal record as well as your driver’s record. A DUI lawyer with the added knowledge and ample experience can still build a defense case through the evidence obtained. In some cases, it is possible to negotiate a compromise. Further, in some cases the charge may even be dismissed. One thing is for sure, however, no defense or compromise can be attained without your first step by contacting our office.

Once contact is made with the one of our DUI lawyer's the office the process of evidence gathering can begin. After this has been completed the Attorney will explain each toxicology report, witness reports, arrest report and any other material gathered regarding your case. An explanation of the possible outcomes of the evidence gathered in regards to your defense will be provided. Possible outcomes; such as fines, penalties, loss of driver privileges or even jail time will be explained and discussed. Through this counsel with you the appropriate next step, whether it be representation through trial or a possible plea agreement can be determined. These steps will best outline the approach to build a defense on your behalf, based on the circumstances surrounding your case and the facts.

With extensive experience in DUI law our DUI lawyers have the ability to examine the evidence and determine the validity of your case. With this experience and knowledge we can evaluate the best approach towards a successful defense. Call our office today to schedule a free Consultation with one of our DUI lawyers regarding your DUI charges and determine your options available.